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Shipito lets you shop online at your favorite retailers in the U.S. and ship to @FOCUSCOUNTRY@ at unbelievable rates. You can save up to 80% off shipping when you ship with us.

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Quel est le délai de livraison vers la@FOCUSCOUNTRY@?

Voici les délais de livraison pour les transporteurs suivants depuis les USA vers la @FOCUSCOUNTRY@

Boutiques Populaires

Thousands of shoppers use Shipito every day to ship their new purchases quickly right to their doorstep. We‘ve compiled a list of several of the most popular retailers for @FOCUSCOUNTRY@. Make sure to check them out!

Which items am I not allowed to ship to @FOCUSCOUNTRY@?

We currently cannot ship the following items:

  • Armes à feu, pièces détachées d'armes à feu, munitions, etc.
  • Produits inflammables, explosifs ou corrosifs
  • Cartouches de gaz comprimé
  • Tout appareil nécessitant l'obtention d'un #ECCN (Export Control Classification Number)
  • Tout produit interdit par l'ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State et le US Department of Treasury

Pour plus d'informations, merci de consulter la page TSA - Articles Autorisés et Prohibés

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Are there duties and taxes to pay in @FOCUSCOUNTRY@?

Les droits de douane et les taxes sont uniquement applicables si vous dépassez la "valeur de minimis." That simply means if you‘re shipping to @FOCUSCOUNTRY@ you only pay taxes and duties if the value of your goods exceed the designated amount.

Montant des Taxes de minimis: $0
Montant des Droits de Douane de minimis: $50 USD
*En savoir plus sur les Droits de Douane et Taxes applicables en @FOCUSCOUNTRY@

Please be aware that duties and taxes will not be included in your shipping costs through Shipito. You will be responsible to pay any charges upon delivery in @FOCUSCOUNTRY@.

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