Shipito Affiliate Partners Info

Shipito is looking to expand its international shipping and mail forwarding services into new markets. People around the world want to buy products in U.S.A. and we offer solutions to lower shipping cost and ease any obstacles. Shipito offers the following:

  • Low shipping costs
  • Consolidation of packages, which brings additional savings to customers
  • Shipito takes care of all billing, shipping and database management for partners around the world.

Shipito API

Shipito offers API for the client account section. You can integrate all functions customers can currently use to your own application. For example we can go as far as offering white label application for package forwarding and you can set up your own fees. More information.

Payment Assistance

There is still a big problem with international payments. Not all customers own credit cards and their are also increasing issues with paying by credit cards due to the fraud problems. PayPal is in many countries, but still many customers feels that PayPal is too complicated or they don’t own a PayPal account. Moreover international wire transfers are quite expensive. Here is where you can come into place.
As a local Shipito Payment Partner you have perfect knowledge on popular payment methods in your country. You will offer such payment methods to your customers. They will be able to come and pay you in cash, wire transfer, credit card or any method you can offer to them. You will have an ability to accept payments and add the money to customer accounts.

  • Create an affiliate account.
  • Login to your affiliate account. Click on SHIPITO AFFILIATE (top menu) -> AFFILIATE CHECKLIST -> Look for section OFFICIAL SHIPITO PAYMENT PARTNER. Fill it out completely.
  • You will have to wire transfer a deposit to us. That deposit will be used for payments you will be transferring to customers in your country. Minimum $1,000.
  • You will have an option to see customer accounts and make transfers immediately.
  • Set up the exchange rate and fees. You have a freedom to set up our own fees.
  • You will also receive percentage of spending by the customer. We will give you 4.3% from each transfer.
  • We will show your information on our Payment Partner page. Your balance must be a minimum of $500 to be shown on this page.
  • If you can offer integration with popular payment method we can find the way to automate the payments from customers

This is a great business opportunity in the fast, growing shipping industry.

If you are interested please sign up for the Affiliate program and then upgrade for Partner program. Go to AFFILIATE CHECKLIST and fill out partner payment info.

Quick link for partner bank deposit.

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